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Leading a company "can be a lonely place"

Nearly two-thirds of CEOs do not receive outside leadership advice, but nearly all want it. “Lonely at the top” resonates for most CEOs.


Discover and learn how CEO’s are combating this isolation, by enlisted an executive coach to help them “work through complex, confidential issues that can be difficult to discuss” with people connected to the business.





Why is getting coaching from outside the company important?


Blind spots are less obvious when things are going well. It is very easy for executives to not see the need to understand their blind spots, especially when they have been very successful.


But these blind spots can become destructive when performance starts to shift in the wrong direction. A good, objective third party is helpful for some clear reality checking for executives.

is there a relationship between coaching and high performance?

In general, those executives who have coaching to help them perform at their best, tend to be the ones who believe in continuous learning and development. 


These kinds of CEO's seek out a coach who will help frame topics for them and be a point of challenge and reflection.

CEOs who do this are also using all sources of information and insight, and their coach helps frame, challenge, and assimilate all of this. 

How do CEO's navigate the

current uncertainty?

Resilient CEO's need to be purpose driven, if they are not then there is a problem with lack of alignment between business, it’s employees and its customers.

In times of uncertainty and ambiguity, lack of leadership causes confusion and low morale, a resilient CEO finds ways to move forward and avoid getting stuck.

When challenges arises we've not had before, we need to find innovative and creative solutions to help us navigate through them.

In the wake of the last 2 years, uncertainty has been a constant and will continue to be, so we need learn to embrace uncertainty to create resilient CEO's that will not only survive but grow and cause their organisations to thrive.

"Julian worked with me to walk through a period of big decisions that were needed for both my sake and the organisation I lead. Julian skillfully created the space to reflect and explore all the possibilities with a clear guiding hand. It has been a really key part of my personal development this year. "

CEO, Food Charity

"Julian had been working with myself looking at Survival in the Boardroom and Building Effective teams from a coaching and mentoring perspective. 

He's enabled me to look a the situations from other perspectives utilising examples of specific events and actions and enabled me to move forward in decision making in a more effective manner to handle the Board "brickbats" and keeping hold of key talent to build effective teams."

Senior Director, International Food Company


What is involved in the ceo coaching programme?


⭐ The CEO coaching programme is designed to transform your life and your organisation. It is designed to take you from high performance to exceptional performance.


⭐ I want you to have total clarity of vision, courage to make great impact, be an exceptional leader and operate at the highest level to create higher levels of performance.  


 ⭐ We will discuss together and do whatever it takes for you to get exactly what you need and want the most.


⭐ Everyone is different, so I work differently with everyone. I don’t use any formulas or templates. I design a bespoke, perfectly fitted programme for each of my clients.


⭐ I am a master at co-creating what may seems to others as impossible, unrealistic goals. Helping you to break the boundaries excites me, whether that’s helping you grow your business, transform you to another level or even attempting to set a new world record.


⭐ Throughout the coaching engagement you have access to my full personal attention, whether this is through a phone call, zoom call, email or text, I am there for you.

"Julian is a consummate professional and asks probing questions in a very direct but friendly manner. Helps to unlock ideas that are worth exploring. Helps to bring clarity to thoughts, approaches and experience sharing. Really appreciate his candor, straightforward and friendly manner but sense a very deep skill-set willing to work with you and help uncover/unlock potential within people they may or may not have been fully aware they were capable of."

Senior Director, Global Logistics Company

Are you driven by a deep sense of purpose and feel a calling to build a resilient organisation?


Do you want to impact people’s lives through your Organisation, Thought Leadership, and Expertise?


To leave a mark on this world and the lives of all your colleagues, clients and communities?


You can do this. We’ve got you. And will support you.


Together, at The CEO Coaching programme, we’ll plot your path to transform you and your organisation into a growing, thriving and resilient one.

You'll be in the best company - here are other organisations who have chosen us as their coaching partner.

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⭐ This programme is for high-performing CEO’s of organisations who want to make a difference beyond the sales and revenue targets.

⭐ Who have a track record of success of implementing change into an organisation.

⭐ Who are committed to their own personal development, and see this as a

priority to the success of the organisation.

⭐ Who want to learn what it really takes to be a resilient CEO and  build a resilient organisation.

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Learn more on how you can become a more resilient CEO by booking a discovery call with Julian

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