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Emerging leaders mastermind group

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leadership has never been so challenging - how do we navigate such challenges?

welcome to the emerging leaders mastermind group

What is an Emerging Leaders Mastermind Group?


This is for emerging leaders and those new into leadership, who are looking for an alternative to the traditional leadership development models and want a safe space in which they can expand their network, continue to be coached and travel deeper into their leadership journey.

A unique part of this mastermind group is for leaders to bring challenges to the group and receive high quality advice and coaching from fellow leaders - this is known as ‘hot seating’.


There are three key elements to the nine month programme: 2 hour monthly group Zoom calls delivering relevant leadership development focus; a DiSC psychometric profile with a 1:1 coaching session; and ‘hot seating’ in each session where you bring challenges to the group to gain advice from your peers.

“The making of a leader is a big issue.”
― Benjamin Suulola

This is a unique programme; a select group of leaders, bound together by a common purpose and motivation to broaden their leadership capacity. The elements that make up the programme are unique in the world of leadership development and have dramatic impact. Using group and individual accountability, along with core topics based on key leadership competencies, leadership psychology, support, insight and mindset mastery.

What is 'hot seating'?

Hot seating is based on the principle of using action learning sets, and is a very powerful tool to use within groups. The set works by having one person at a time share a challenge they’re facing and then having the rest of the group ask questions which tease out the issue, create learning and explore specific actions that the individual can commit to and report back on. There is also an opportunity for other members of the group to share their wisdom on the challenge.

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What are the benefits of this Leadership Mastermind Group?

Support Network

Using the power of others and their minds, along with their positive support of your goals and development.


One of the keys to achieving success in leadership is 

accountability. This is paramount to the success of these groups - you will be accountable to each other.

Leadership Development

Each leader will develop a range of specific leadership skills throughout the programme, with opportunities to learn in-between group sessions.

Problem Solving

A unique opportunity to bring real-life leadership issues to a safe, confidential mastermind session and to receive advice and guidance from peers.

What topics will we cover in the Leadership Mastermind Group?

Leading Diverse Teams

Addressing unconscious bias, with strategies to lead inter-generational teams and differing generational mindsets.

Anticipating & Creating Change

Learning to lead and flourish in uncertain times, communicating in ways that take people with us.

Emotional Intelligence

We need to be internally and externally aware, being able to control and express emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships.

Making the Organisation Human

Creating highly engaged teams, and managing the digital age with people and well-being at the heart.

Resilient & Agile Leadership

Resilience is all about adaptability. In order to transform we need agility. 

Purpose Driven Leadership

Creating a clarity of purpose to gain staff engagement and motivation, through aligning beliefs and values to the company's vision.

Each Cohort:

Each group consists of carefully selected individuals, with a group size of no more than 6 leaders. The groups are facilitated by Julian Roberts who is an ICF trained Leadership Coach. A private communication channel is also available for each mastermind group to connect, share and gain additional insights between meetings. We use a technology platform to keep the momentum of our meetings moving forward and your conversations private.

You should attend if:



You’ve recently been promoted to a leader of a team.

You’re a relatively new team leader.

You are targeting a leadership track in your organisation.

You want to up your leadership game.

You want to build a support network of peers in a similar position.

Next Steps:

We want to ensure that each mastermind group has the right people and a clear focus. Our application process allows both us (Julian Roberts Consulting) and you (the applicant) to 1) Identify if a mastermind group is right for you  2)  Be clear on what you want to achieve 3) Match you to the right group.


The application process: 1) We have an initial conversation to discuss alignment to your situation and goals 2) You complete & submit a written application 3) Together we have a screening call to clarify your application and determine your fit for one of our mastermind groups.

Next cohorts will be starting in January/February 2022.



The investment for each participant is £3,500 + VAT along with the investment of committing to the nine monthly sessions and working on your personal development in-between these sessions.

The course is accessed online, however if an organisation wants a bespoke in-house course, this can be facilitated either in-person or online.

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