#1 Boost | Accepting change to build resilience

Welcome to this new solo series called BOOST, the purpose is to give you little BOOST to your day, to further provide ways to create a thriving organisation.

This is where I share my thoughts, insights and reflections on conversations I have had either with those I interview or work with in organisations. I will be sharing aspects of building resilience, creating leadership that will drive a empowering culture and ultimately providing you with helps to make your companies thrive.

Today I share how accepting change is a way to build resilience, and to build a resilient culture we need to build resilient individuals. Find ways to become more comfortable with change. Change is constant and inevitable, and you can only be successful if you accept it rather than resist it. To increase your capacity to accept change, is to expose yourself to new things on a daily basis, it prepares your mind when change happens.



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