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Are your big goals demotivating you?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Sometimes when we look out into the distanced at the goal we are trying to achieve, they can be overwhelming, and at times feel to big, and this can actually demotivate us.

Now I know it is important to set stretching goals, that will accomplish much, but what do we do when they demotivate us.

I was struck by this recently whilst running on the trails, and I looked ahead at a climb of about 250m, and suddenly felt exhausted and overwhelm by the sight of trying to run up to the top. It was a route I had done many times and was part of the plan of the day.

So here are 4 ways that helped me get back the motivation to get to the top of the hill.

1. Remember the experience and training that got you here right now, since where you are today is a building block to the future, by reminding ourselves of this success we build resilience to press on.

2. Breakdown the goal into bite size pieces, don't try and eat the whole elephant in one! Sounds really obvious, but often we miss this one, not only does it help create small steps to achieve but as you complete each step it provides motivation from the success of the small step for the next one.

3. Visualise yourself completing the goal, what will you see, hear and feel? Visualisation is a powerful tool to inspire you, and really helps you not only to get you excited but can also give you insight into the resources that you might need to achieve the goal.

4. Since you created the goal, then you can assure yourself that you will have all the resources within you to complete it. If you robustly have created the goal, and this aligns to your purpose then this is a major driver to keep going. Watch out here though is, if the goal is not aligned to your purpose/why then this might be the reason why you don’t have the motivation, you may need to re-think the goal.

And finally give yourself some slack - It’s ok to slow the pace down, even if the timings slips, as long as you achieve the goal.

Let me know how you keep the motivation for your big goals.

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