Be an agile leader.

Are you an agile leader?

What's your perceptions as a leader of your people who work for you?

Are they they're just to deliver on the numbers, on the tasks for the organisation?

I want us to think what's your role as a leader?

What should the leader do?

What's the expectation of a leader?

🔴If you are metaphorically in a trench with your team.

- You should be the first one to get out.

- Take the courage and lead by example.

- Lead from the front.

- Take the bullets, take the flack as a leader to protect your team.

🔴There maybe situations when you're leading and you have envisioned people and you're taking them to the promised land and you know some people are at the back who are not quite getting it for whatever reason.

- Get alongside them.

- Give them a compelling vision.

- Stir them, you're going to engage with them.

- You understand why they are where they are at.

- Support them.

So be a leader that has agility in an organisation.

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