Be inspired by yourself!

They say you should never look back, just keep looking forward.

I disagree!

The reason I disagree is because we can become our own inspiration, rather than looking to others for our inspiration and motivation. Why don’t you look deep inside, we can be the fuel of our own inspiration.

I am starting to ramp up my trail running again, and in fact putting in a goal of running a 100k trail in 2020 (it will be my 50th year on earth), so I want to push the limits both physically and mentally.

So, I wanted to inspire myself again, no better place than to start with me! I started to look back at 2018, where I completed 8 x trail marathons, and 1 ultra-trail (62k) and the video below is me completing The Shere trail marathon in July 2018. Why this is an inspiration for me is that it was one of the hottest days in the UK in 2018 (+30 degrees) and the elevation climb was that of Ben Nevis (1345m). Even though it was a tough, hot and grueling day, I did it and completed it.

So, the point of this post is not for me to boast but to demonstrate that we are our own fuel for motivation, we just need to stop and look.

Look back for the inspiration to what you have done so far to create a platform and fuel for success for the future.

You can do it!