Be visible...

Be a visible leader…

My definition is somebody who is open, who is transparent but also who is present physically, present with people, present mindfully and engaging when they're with them.

So, how do you become a visible leader in your organisation?

Take the opportunity to physically (if you can) be present with you team:

1. Walk the floor of the office or virtual office.

2. Have lunch/coffee with your team.

3. Go on nights out with your team.

4. Go on client/customer visits with your team.

5. Create opportunities to spend with your team like team building days.

And when you are engaging with your people, just be yourself, be authentic. Be genuine, be approachable and just get involved with people and be a visible leader that as they see you they're getting inspired by you.

They get inspired by what you are doing, how you doing it, how you are leading.

Because they see you for who you are and they see your values, they see your integrity and so be a visible leader.

You'd be surprised how much of an impact that will make.

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