Courageous leader!

Are you a courageous leader?

To be courageous we need to be...


I have not always got it right, or made the right approach to something whilst I was leading my teams. I didn't always demonstrate the insights I have shared on this platform. I am not saying the 'I am only human' but that I have learnt in these 3 ways:

1. Observed many great leaders in my time.

2. Learnt, developed and grown from failure. 

3. Learnt when I have had success too!

However, to ensure you keep learning we need to be HUMBLE and VULNERABLE.

It takes courage to be humble and vulnerable with our teams, but do you know what, people want courageous leaders.

So I would encourage you to be humble, be open, be transparent, be vulnerable and be the courageous leader your team wants.

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