Creating better working relationship with your boss!

“Julian, can you help me as I am struggling to get on with my boss”

Is there somebody in your team or your organisation that you find it really hard to just get on with in a working relationship?

Well, this is one of the challenges that a client came to me some time ago.

They were struggling to get on with their boss , it just wasn't working.

And so I took that client through a technique that's called perceptual positioning.

This technique gives you many perspectives on the situation, from your point of view, your boss’s and also a bystander view.

My client went through the process and resulted in greater insight to them create a 3 point strategy on how to deal with their boss.

This resulted the client going away energised but more importantly is created a better, positive and dynamic working relationship with their boss – RESULT!

So if you're struggling with your boss or you're struggling with certain key members of your team or in your organisation, then do get in touch. I'd love to be able to help you.




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