Good to stop and reflect in business...

Want to know how to keep aligned on your mission / purpose in your business when you are below your expectations?

When things are a little tough in business or is not going quite as you expect.

I think it is important to get back to why you're doing it, get back to your mission and purpose, make sure you're aligned to that and understand that why you're doing something.

Here are some tips to keep focused:

1. Find a place to reflect.

2. Reflect on your mission/purpose.

3. Does your activity align to your mission/purpose?

4. Do your strategies align to your mission/purpose?

5. Is there anything else you can do?

6. Gain input from trusted advisors.

How you checking out today?

How are you doing with your business?

Do you need to stop and reflect and think is it aligning back to my mission.