Lessons from a butterfly...

I got inspired by this butterfly I managed to photograph at the weekend.

Here are some lessons on leadership from a butterfly perspective:

1. Butterfly wings are transparent: Be a leader who is transparent with their people, showing yourself in an authentic way.

2. Butterflies taste with their feet: We need to engage with our people with our feet so to speak, not just by email or phone, getting alongside them to really understand them and show the support.

3. A newly emerged butterfly can't fly: Show patience and understanding to new leaders as they emerge.

4. And finally metamorphosis: While change/growth can at times feel uncomfortable, if we don’t allow ourselves to go through all stages of change, nothing will ultimately change. We will stay in the same form. This inhibits us from flying as a leader.

Oh! And butterflies live just a few weeks, usually! Let’s hope you last longer than that in your leadership role. 😊

#leadership #grow #change