Looking to take your business in a new direction?

"Julian, I want to take my business in a new direction"

I had a business owner come to me earlier this year who wanted to go in a different direction and he needed my help.

He needed my help in building a vision and a strategy going forward.

So what we did we spent the day outside in this wonderful country side where I would facilitate and coach the individual and get him to a place where he would unpack his vision for that new direction for the next three to five years.

Then we worked on objectives over the next 12-18 months and then we developed strategies that would deliver on those objectives and ultimately came down to a tactical operational plan.

We developed a plan on a page for him and now he's off in his new direction.

It's not all plain sailing but he knows where he's going, he is very clear and will continue to support him and facilitating that process. 

Now are you looking to go in a different direction?

Well, I may be able to help you facilitate you get a vision, facilitating your strategies and help you get to a place of that new direction.