Mind-set versus Mind FLUID!

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Mind-set, we talk a lot about mind-set.

We talk a lot about having a growth mind-set and having the right mind-set and I'm really up for that.

I think it's really important to set your mind in the right place in the right direction.

It's really valuable thing to do, but I just been thinking and reflecting on that word SET.

So SET to me is something that is fixed and not that we shouldn't be fixed and focused on our goals or what we want to achieve.

I think sometimes we need to have a more fluid and flexible approach to something because we know in life it won't be a straight line.

It will be up, down, left, right.

And I think it should be a bit more like mind fluid, to have a fluidity, still be fixed on our goals

and our mission and our vision and all that but just have a little bit of flexibility in how we go

about it, having a bit of a mind-set that says, you know what it's not going to be all as I expect and to be aware and have a mind-set that's a little bit more open to change, innovation, creativity and to enable you to deliver on that and help you think outside the box and to be open for help.

So let's think about mind fluid as opposed to mind-set.

Love to know your thoughts.



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