Nothing new under the sun!

They say there's nothing new under the sun!

So why do we produce content on social media platforms?

Why do we consume so much content on these platforms?

And I guess the reason is, is that we are seeing perhaps problems, and challenges, situations that we face or may face from a different perspective, seeing through the eyes and experience of somebody else.

We are also seeing it from different reality.

And a different viewpoint.

And you know what that's is where you get that treasure, that is where you get that insight, because you are seeing it from a different perspective, a different reality and that is what causes you to think differently, that's what causes you to think about it in a different approach, it causes you to grow, it cause you to learn and be inspired.

So yes, there is nothing new under the sun but through the eyes of somebody else and through their story perhaps there is, what do you think?