Outside your comfort zone now? I am!

Outside of your comfort zone right now?

I am!

Then do this

You don't have to be alone with it.

It's not some dark lonely desert, might well be but it doesn't have to be and I believe having other people help you, leaning on others, collaborating can really help facilitate that growth even more.

It gives you that moral support and that sort of encouragement that will while you're in that place of growth.

I know recently I was way out of my comfort zone by launching a podcast with Carey Davis-Munro and we did it together, come up with the idea and within two or three weeks, we had launched a podcast and were interviewing people and it's been really exciting, really fun, really enjoying it.

But I was outside my comfort zone but it's been great working with Carey, collaborating with her, you know, having that support, having that input, having somebody alongside you, somebody sometimes is ahead of you or slightly behind you at times and working together in sync.

It's been brilliant and its really helped facilitate that growth and that's experience as well.

So I would encourage you when you're stepping out or you end up in a place of outside of your comfort zone do collaborate, do lean on others.

What is your advice?