Overcome limiting beliefs...

"Julian, I need clarity on how to go about building my business."

This was the client need, and it became quite evident after asking a number of questions and going through the process of visualising out over 12-18 months and pulling it back, that in fact, she was really clear about the plan.

What the need was really and what she started to realise and what I realised is that she had a limiting belief. And that limiting belief was holding her back from executing that plan.

So what we did we reframed, that in a different context that enabled her to overcome that limiting belief. I helped her to walk through that which enabled her to then execute on the clear plan that she already had.

Do you have any limiting beliefs?

Are you aware of any limits in the beliefs that are holding you back on executing the plan that you've got so clearly in your head?

I would love to be able to help you.




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