Powerful reflecting!

How do you reflect?

Where do you reflect?

As you know, you can probably guess I externalise my reflections in the outside environment.

There is something powerful about speaking out and externalising your thoughts. I use this a lot in a coaching session and allow my client to speak and allow them to think and it has a real powerful effect in terms of their reflections, their awareness and coming to some solutions.

I've got an exercise I'd like you to do that will help you.

* Think of a dilemma a real dilemma or real issue.

* Go and find somebody who can listen to you and who will listen to you and not speak for five minutes. (I know a challenge 😊).

* All they'll do is look at you , nod and smile and engage in that way, but they can't speak five minutes.

* I want you to explain the dilemma, the concern and just talk for five minutes and you will be surprised what happens.

* Give it a go

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