Reflections on 2019...

I've been reflecting, not just on 2019.

But on the last three years.

Three years ago I made the decision to set my own company up and I pivoted into Executive coaching and I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far, but what I've realised over that three years is I've really got to know who I am.

I've got to know myself, what excites me, what energises me, what motivates me but ultimately I've got to know my mission and purpose and that is to unlock leadership potential.

But what I've also realised and I've got to that place where I am comfortable with who I am.

I'm comfortable in my skin. I'm comfortable with Julian Roberts.

And that's really good place to be and I would encourage you as you go forward into 2020 that you get to know yourself, get to know what motivates you but ultimately get to know your mission and purpose but then get to that place where you feel comfortable with who you are then you don't compare to other people.

You just compare yourself to what you were the day before, you are comfortable in your skin, and I really encourage you to do that.

What are your 2019 reflections?



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