Set an uncomfortable vision to fuel growth...

How are you creating personal growth?

How are you generating inspiration to grow as an individual?

We know that growth comes when we are outside of our comfort zone.

So how do you get outside of your comfort zone?

There are many ways, either circumstance creates the opportunity, and we respond accordingly, or we put ourselves in that position.

One way to put yourself in that position is to set an uncomfortable vision to create the opportunity to grow.

What do I mean?

So create a vision that will stretch you, a vision that will challenge you, a vision that to cause you to go beyond the now.

If it’s beyond you, you will become more resourceful, become more mindful, more aware of our situation and strength and weaknesses, become more creative and ultimately it will cause you to grow.

My uncomfortable vision is to unlock the potential of 100,000 leaders, this is causing me to collaborate, network, be creative and massively step outside of my comfort zone, and ultimately grow.

How are you creating growth for yourself?

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