The 'burning platform!'

Creating a 'burning platform' is the way to get a team to get the job done...It is change management jargon to describe the urgency of a situation to change our behavior. I am not so sure it is the best way to motivate a team. I have a friend who is a fireman, who would say that 'burning platforms' are not a great thing, in fact they can create panic, anxiety and people get hurt. What is the best way to motivate a team to get the focus and the job done. I have 5 ways to help motivate teams, not just for the short term but also the long term... 1. Clear goal setting - Goal-setting is linked to task performance and is the main source of intrinsic motivation, that is, motivation driven by an interest in the task. 2. Empower people - teams love the feeling of been trusted to deliver the goal in a way that they think is best. 3. Support your teams - develop them, increase their skill set, offer mentoring and coaching support. 4. Communication the vision - people get inspired if what they are doing is part of something bigger. 5. Appreciate them - genuine appreciation goes a long way - we love it. Let me know how you motivate your teams. #leadership #goalsetting #vision #teams #communicate #coaching #mentoring