The Power of Reflection.

The power of reflection…

…especially when you've been in a sort of conflict/challenging situation.

I've got a tip to help you unpack that situation so you get more self-aware and enable you to learn and move on.

So think of the situation that you had a conflict/challenge with another person.

And ask yourself these questions in the following perspectives:

What do you see?

What do you hear?

What do you feel?

What observations have you made?

What insights have you gained?


1st position: Your perspective

2nd position: The other person perspective

3rd position: Observer – perspective from someone observing the situation of both of you

4th position: Drone view – perspective from a bigger view

Write notes in each of the perspectives and then reflect on them, you will be surprised at the insights you will gain. It will increase your self-awareness on the situation.

You will also gain valuable information to create a plan going forward particularly in that situation and future situations.

The above is called Perceptual Positioning, it is a technique I sometimes utilise and guide my clients within a coaching session.

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