The year of connectivity!

Connectivity! This year for me is all about connectivity.

I spent the last few months of 2019 spending more time hooking up on people offline in terms of zoom calls, telephone calls, in-person networking. I've started the New Year in the same way and I love it.

It's not just not just building relationships in terms of clients, but friendships or collaborations or just speaking to many many people and I've started the new year with speaking to tens of people each week and in person as well and I want to continue to that and I'm putting it out there to you.

If you want to hook up on a call or if you're in the area we can grab some coffee. I'll put a link in the comments below and you can just booked and we can have a chat, it can be to do with business, it can be do with any think, it could be a collaboration.

It could be the you want to talk about your coaching needs or your leadership or you just want to just have a chat and bounce off some ideas.

But I think the great thing to do is just to talk and engage and to see what happens. And so the for me this year is about being connective.

Please book a call.

#connectedness #leadership