'Tis the season...

'Tis the season…

…to set your 2020 goals.

I hope you take me seriously today.

I’m really up for setting goals, I do it myself every year and I've done it with my children for many years and I think it's really valuable thing to do to set things for the next year and to focus on.

But before we get to setting goals I think it's really important and a really valuable thing to do is to know what your mission and purpose is.

Once you have got clarity on that mission and purpose, you then set goals accordingly and that align to that mission and purpose.

So I encourage you today, or in the next few days and few weeks is to get the clarity on your mission and purpose and then set your goals for next year.

If you like some help, drop me a DM I'd love to talk to you and happy festive season.