Unlocking your team's potential...

Do you want to unlock your team's potential?

I've got three ways that will help you do that and they all start with you.


The first one is you need to have a vision of each of the individuals in your team. A vision that is big, a vision that inspiring, a vision that can take them beyond where they are at the moment.

You've got to see a bigger picture for them, you got to see potential in them. You got to have a mindset and attitude of there is potential in this individual and it is beyond perhaps even they can see, that's the first thing have a vision.


And what I mean by this is, don't put your preconceived experience, knowledge, expertise on anybody's view of themselves in terms of where they think they want to get to, where they think they can get to.

If somebody says to you in a development review. I want to be a CEO don't bring any judgment of whether that is possible or not possible just to suspend it, just to suspend it.


Empower each individual because what empowering does, it causes them to be resourceful.

It causes them to expand their potential and who they are and does release potential just by virtue of empowering them.

What would you add?

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