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Welcome to the Resilient Growth Mastermind

Unlock Your Potential, Drive Sustainable Success


Are you an SME owner or leader seeking to take your business to new heights?


Are you facing challenges that seem insurmountable in today's competitive landscape?


The Resilient Growth Mastermind is your gateway to unlocking untapped potential and fostering sustainable success for you and your business.

The Purpose

The purpose of The Resilient Growth Mastermind is to empower and support SME owners and leaders, unlocking their full potential through valuable insights, strategies, and resources. By fostering resilience and driving sustainable growth, the mastermind aims to ensure long-term success for their businesses.

Unlock Your Limitless Potential

 Overwhelmed by the ever-changing business landscape?

 Tired of the isolation in your SME journey?

⭐ Longing for connection and camaraderie on your SME adventure?

⭐ Searching for a way to navigate the complex maze of modern business?

 Break free from stagnation and uncertainty with The Resilient Growth Mastermind.


Connect, Grow and Succeed

 Cultivate resilience to overcome overwhelm.

 Embrace a supportive community of like-minded peers.

 Breakthrough stagnation and drive limitless growth.

 Navigate uncertainty with confidence.

 Access expert knowledge and tailored solutions.

 Unleash your potential. Embrace resilience. Join The Resilient Growth Mastermind now.

what is involved in the mastermind program?

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monthly group meeting

In the Resilient Growth Mastermind program's monthly group sessions, you will benefit from:

Growth Strategies: Learning practical strategies for personal and professional development.

Community Support: Building a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Accountability: Setting and tracking goals with peer accountability.


Celebrating Success: Recognising and drawing inspiration from achievements.

Expert Insights: Gaining knowledge from expert speakers.

Business Guidance: Receiving tailored insights for business growth.

Diverse Topics: Exploring a range of personal and professional growth topics.


One to one coaching

with julian roberts

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The one to one coaching sessions in the Resilient Growth Mastermind program are individually tailored to help you:

Work on You: Focus on your personal growth and self-improvement.


Clarity of Purpose: Gain a clearer understanding of your goals and purpose.


Improve Communication Skills: Enhance your ability to effectively communicate.


Smash Down Limiting Beliefs: Identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs and barriers.


Scale Your Mindset: Develop a growth-oriented mindset for greater resilience.


Increase Confidence: Build self-confidence and self-assurance for success.

ongoing support and resources

In the Resilient Growth Mastermind program, you will receive ongoing support and resources that include: 

Access to Julian: Ongoing access to guidance and support from Julian Roberts.

Respond to Real-Life Situations: Practical assistance in addressing real-life challenges and opportunities as they arise.

Key Business Resources: Access to valuable business resources and tools to aid in personal and professional growth.


The Resilient Growth Mastermind program requires an investment of £650 per month. With a minimum 3 month committment.

Here's What My Previous Clients Have To Say

"Julian is passionate about helping people succeed and this came through in his unique way of analysing my situation and devising a methodical approach which facilitated a “can do attitude” in me, boosted my confidence and helped me to achieve my objectives."

Titilayo Nosiru, Business Owner

"Having previously received coaching which I found to not be the most effective, I was skeptical in undergoing further coaching. With Julian the experience was exactly the opposite, and brilliant. The approach that Julian takes, which is unique to the individual and considerate of context at all times, has really improved my own thoughtfulness, decision making and ability to contribute to and effectively lead a team."

Matt Southam, Clinical Lead

"Over the past few months of being fortunate enough to be part of Julian’s coaching programme, it has given me the tools and skills needed to strive in my current role. This was only further bolstered by Julian’s knowledge and delivery methods."

Dave Salisbury, MD of a SME business

"I have learnt so much from the sessions, and actually learnt more about myself than ever before. Julian’s expertise in the ‘power of words’ is amazing, something which I have implemented not only in my professional life but at home too. I would highly recommend Julian, it’s been an absolute pleasure."

Natalie Beveridge, Leader in SME business

"Over the past few months Julian has brought out in us a desire to learn, grow and challenge each other, to look at situations differently and build stronger unity. I can highly recommend Julian, who expertly coached and facilitated our discussions around team resilience. Our charity is much better off, now having a stronger and deeper team relationship, ultimately improving our work and effectiveness."

Mark Upton, CEO of a charity

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