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the resilient organisation blueprint

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Build a resilient organisation that will have the ability to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper.

Discover and learn how CEO’s are creating purpose driven and resilient organisations that are innovating, growing and thriving despite their challenging environments.


Resilient organisations need to be purpose driven, if they are not then there is a problem with lack of alignment between business, it’s employees and its customers.

In times of uncertainty and ambiguity, lack of leadership causes confusion and low morale, a resilient leader finds ways to move forward and avoid getting stuck.

When challenges arises we've not had before, we need to find innovative and creative solutions to help us navigate through them.

In the wake of the last 2 years, uncertainty has been a constant and will continue to be, so we need learn to embrace uncertainty to create resilient organisations that will not only survive but grow and thrive.



What would your business be like if you knew how to create a resilient organisation?


You’re invited as a CEO to a very unique and exclusive online programme that has the potential to transform your organisation.


Welcome to The Resilient Organisation Blueprint programme, where you’ll discover:


⭐ How to create a purpose driven culture that gains staff engagement and motivation through aligning beliefs and values to the company's vision.

⭐ Understand and implement resilient processes to enable the organisation to 'minimise', 'manage' and 'mend' any incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper.

⭐ Develop an innovative culture that is built upon a psychological safe environment and fostered through a collaborative approach.

⭐ Learn skills of resilient and agile leadership to move quickly, flexibly, and decisively.


And so much more...

See what teams have to say about participating in coaching with Julian Roberts

Jess Plail who is the skipper of All Systems Row - a team of ladies attempting to break the world record to row around Great Britain

Are you driven by a deep sense of purpose and feel a calling to build a resilient organisation?


Do you want to impact people’s lives through your Organisation, Thought Leadership, and Expertise?


To leave a mark on this world and the lives of all your colleagues, clients and communities?


You can do this. We’ve got you. And will support you.


Together, at The Resilient Organisation Blueprint programme, we’ll plot your path to transform your organisation into a growing, thriving and resilient one.



The sessions in this programme are structured around my proven resilient framework for creating a resilient organisation.

The Resilient Framework



Confidential peer to peer advice

Work on your current challenges you are facing with an exclusive group of 5-6 other leaders / business owners from non-competing industries.

Process issues in sessions led by a highly trained executive coach.



One-to-one executive coaching

Receive 2 sessions of one-to-one coaching from an accomplished business leader and executive coach.

Get personalised guidance to navigate challenges and opportunities.



Development of the Resilient Framework

Utilise the learnings from the resilient framework to develop your own bespoke approach to future proof your organisation.

Be inspired by your peers to take action.



On-going support and communication

A private communication channel is also available for each group to connect, share and gain additional insights between meetings.

We use a technology platform to keep the momentum of our meetings moving forward and your conversations are private.


Session facilitation

Each session is facilitated via Zoom, in an environment of confidentiality and transparency.

There are 9 monthly sessions in all, with actions tasks in between sessions.

Purpose Driven Business

Resilient Processes

Resilient & Agile Leadership

Psychological Safety

Innovative Culture

Collaborative Approach



⭐ This programme is for high-performing CEO’s of organisations between 30 and 200 people:

⭐ Who have a track record of success of implementing change into an organisation.

⭐ Who are committed to creating a resilient, growing and thriving organisation.

⭐ Who want to learn what it really takes to build a resilient organisation.

Take the next step

Learn more on how you can build a resilient organisation by booking a call with Julian

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