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become a resilient Team

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Building the Skills to
Overcome Challenges

Are you struggling with a team that lacks resilience?


Do you find it difficult to stay productive and motivated in the face of setbacks?


As an Executive Leadership Coach with years of experience helping teams build resilience, I can help you overcome these challenges and develop a strong, resilient team that can handle anything that comes their way.


In my team coaching program, we'll work together to:


Assess your team's current level of resilience and identify areas for improvement.

Develop practical strategies to overcome challenges and stay motivated in the face of setbacks.


Build better communication and problem-solving skills to improve team dynamics.


Identify ways to foster a more positive and supportive team environment.


Develop a plan for ongoing growth and development to keep your team resilient over the long-term.

"Jules has provided both group and individual sessions. He’s probed us with difficult questions exposing our vulnerabilities and then allowed us to build on this to create the strong bonds and understanding of each other that we now have. These skills we have learnt are also benefitting us in our personal and professional lives too. We can’t thank Jules, or recommend him, enough for everything he has done to ensure we have all the skills we need to be the best team on the water!"

All Systems Row, World Record Attempt Rowing Team

If you're ready to transform your team and unleash the power of resilience, then this coaching program is for you.


Contact me today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how I can help you achieve your goals.


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Learn more on how you can become a Resilient Leader by booking a discovery call with Julian

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