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Attention: high performing leaders

How would you like to have clarity of purpose and unstoppable confidence to become an exceptional leader?

Find out how the "Unlocking Leadership Potential" approach has helped successful leaders to become exceptional.


unlocking leadership

potential approach.


⭐ The Unlocking Leadership Potential approach is designed to transform your life and your organisation. It is designed to take you from high performance to exceptional performance.


⭐ I want you to have total clarity of vision, courage to make great impact, be an exceptional leader and operate at the highest level to create higher levels of performance.  


 ⭐ We will discuss together and do whatever it takes for you to get exactly what you need and want the most.


⭐ Everyone is different, so I work differently with everyone. I don’t use any formulas or templates. I design a bespoke, perfectly fitted programme for each of my clients.


⭐ I am a master at co-creating what may seems to others as impossible, unrealistic goals. Helping you to break the boundaries excites me, whether that’s helping you grow your business, transform you to another level or even attempting to set a new world record.

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say

"Julian helps to unlock ideas that are worth exploring. Helps to bring clarity to thoughts, approaches and experience sharing. Really appreciate his candor, straightforward and friendly manner."

D Low, Senior Director, Global Logistics Company

"I thoroughly enjoyed each session, allowing me to feel empowered and motivated to think differently - a confidence that I will take with me through the next steps in my career."

M Lindsay, GM, Construction Company

"Over the past few months of being fortunate enough to be part of Julian’s coaching programme, it has given me the tools and skills needed to strive in my current role. This was only further bolstered by Julian’s knowledge and delivery methods."

D Salisbury, MD, Security Company

"My conversation with Julian was insightful, productive and inspiring. Through our discussion, I was able to take some actionable steps toward goals I have been trying to achieve for some time but didn't quite have the confidence or assertiveness."

R Jones, Senior HR, Medical Company

"He helped me to get clarity. He has a great approach and truly listens. I would recommend his coaching to anyone who is facing challenges in reaching their next level. Especially if it is a professional transition. His coaching will help you get clarity and will give you the tools to make things happen."

A Bieniasz, VP Marketing, Logistics Company

"He's enabled me to look at situations from other perspectives utilising examples of specific events and actions and enabled me to move forward in decision making in a more effective manner to handle the Board "brickbats" and keeping hold of key talent to build effective teams."

R Cox, Senior Director, Food Company

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